Zoë Gomer  |  Designer


About Me 


I strive for elegant, unique designs with purpose + recognizable, intuitive functions to create the best user experience possible. 


photography by Emily Kordovich

photography by Emily Kordovich

Hi, I'm Zoë Gomer. I'm a designer. 

 As a senior at Rochester Institute of Technology, I will be graduating with a BFA in Industrial Design and concentrations in both packaging science and music performance this coming May. I am dedicated to my work and love getting involved with the design community. I have served as the Treasurer and President of RIT Industrial Designers Society of America and I helped to run the student design conference, Thought At Work, as a coordinator. 

This past summer I was fortunate enough to intern at Beyond Design in Chicago, Illinois where I worked with real clients and learned from my talented coworkers. Previously I interned at Diebold Nixdorf where I learned about UI design and creating a more holistic product experience.

Outside of design my interests/hobbies include playing viola as a member of RIT's orchestra, rock climbing, watercolor painting, watching shows created by Shonda Rhimes, scrolling through KickStarter, and buying way more pairs of glasses then one person needs. Also coffee. 

I am currently searching for full-time employment to start in the Summer of 2018.