Zoë Gomer  |  Designer


Manufacturer Visit 1: Pioneer Millworks

Today I visited Pioneer Millworks to see their facilities and learn more about their waste output. Their Project and Sales Support & Reclaimed Wood Expert, Roblyn Powley, showed me their facilities and answered my questions. Pioneer Millworks does a great job of reusing as much of their waste as possible but is their a way that this could be enhanced even further? 

Right now they produce mass amounts of saw dust, some large blocks of wood, and small amounts of metal scrap from their reclaimed wood. The dust gets put into large trucks and sold, the blocks of lumber are used to fuel the furnace that both heats their facilities and dries new wood. Lastly, the metal scrap they collect from their reclaimed wood is picked up by a company that recycles metals. 

I wonder what opportunities I have to upcycle materials like this and what products Pioneer Millworks may be interested in producing!

zoe gomer