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Metaproject 08


Designing Dining: Metaproject 08

Metaproject is an annual senior studio course lead by RIT’s Industrial Design program chair, Josh Owen. In the fall of 2017 our class of 17 partnered up with a Rochester Local, Charles Cerankosky. Having studied design himself, Charles creates holistic dining experiences at his 3 restaurants: Cure, Good Luck, and Radio Social

The final deliverable for this course was a fully realized dining experience that manifested in an exclusive dinner at Good Luck Restaurant.  Through hard work, ideation, and collaboration, together we created a dining experience for our 60 esteemed guests on December 17, 2017. We were honored to have RIT's President, Provost, the Dean of the College of Art & Design, and the Chair of the School of Design present at this dinner that was a huge success. To get a more detailed understanding of the experiential dining experience we created, please click on the “Metproject 08 Video Experience” link above. Thanks!


My Role:

Determining the theme and flow of the night was truly a group effort. Everyone involved in this project worked together to make this night such a great experience. However, my primary role was “BRAND”. I created a brand guideline for the project that was in line with the brand image of Metaproject. I worked with everyone who was creating digital or printed materials to ensure consistency.

Take Aways:

This project taught me how to work with a large team of designers with a wide variety of ideas. We had to synthesize what we wanted this night to be and work within an existing restaurant. As someone who typically works on designing physical objects, having this opportunity to curate a unique experience was unique & rewarding. Through my specific role I learned more about Vignelli design principles & graphic design as a whole.


All pictures in the gallery below are courtesy of my very talented classmate, Dan Noppenberger. Thanks, Dan!


All the pictures in the gallery below come from RIT Photo Service! A Big thank you to Elizabeth Lamark and her team!